Enjoy benefits of choosing the Sage Leadership Experience that go beyond developing important skills

Participants benefit by choosing the Sage Leadership Experience in ways that can last a lifetime. From new friendships from across the globe to the opportunity to learn about a new culture in a safe and inclusive environment, our young leaders also have the chance to share with college admissions officers, future employers, and peers the positive impact they achieved and the skills they developed.


Safe & Inclusive

Safety is a top priority. Despite the many misperceptions of sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana is a safe place for foreigners to visit, earning it the destination for the Obama’s first official African country visit. Our entire team is trained to manage diverse needs of our guests. From food safety to road safety, we understand the risks and take appropriate precautions long before our participants arrive.

On the ground, we start off with a thorough orientation that sets the rules and helps our young leaders prepare to safely navigate their new environment. While we believe our program to be appropriate for students of all backgrounds, participants must come with a mindset ready to adapt if power goes out or you need to take a bucket shower.



Stand Out for College and Jobs

Our programs are designed at the core to align with the values of top universities and to address the soft skills required for today’s jobs. University admissions officers seek students who are ready to work in diverse communities and have the skills to have a positive impact, making the Sage Leadership Experience a great stepping stone to success.

Not only will participants gain confidence, they will benefit from coaching on how to share their experience through essays, interviews and on their resume from our staff member who is a former Ivy League admissions officer.



A Top Destination

Recognized by CNN as one of the top 19 places to visit in 2019, Ghana offers you the chance to see a part of the world rich in history and culture. You will not only practice leadership through your own project, you will witness the tragedy of slavery at one of Ghana’s slave forts, walk through the rain forest canopy, explore the tallest mountain range, learning local customs, and trying local foods.



Support Before and After the Program

Not only do we help you get ready for the program, from your packing list to individualized preparations for your project’s theme, we also will help you reflect on your experience upon returning home to strengthen your insights that will define great leadership. Participants can use this support as they prepare for applications and interviews. We are there for our young leaders so they can succeed from the moment they arrive to long after, in a quest to make our world a better place us all.